Reglazing, Refinishing and Resurfacing: FAQs

Here you will find the answers to common questions we get about our services such as bathtub tile reglazing, shower tile refinishing, sink reglazing, and much more.

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This is a question we receive from customers that have never had an experience with the process. Our job is similar to any construction work. It is typically a safer idea to do it while the unit is vacant, that way we prevent the exposure of chemicals to residents. Our team will have the equipment and gear to protect both themselves and the property.

When units are occupied, products used for the reglazing process do emit odors that may be too strong for individuals with any kind of respiratory problems or individuals who are sensitive to smells. You do not have to worry about strong residual odors, using an extractor that directs the fumes to the nearest window and open area, our technician will properly ventilate the work area.

We do all the steps necessary to ensure your project will meet safety standards and regulations. Our technicians will wear proper gear masks and gloves, and use proper ventilation. We understand that there will be some odor, but this usually disappears in a day (depending on the ventilation of the unit). We suggest leaving the windows open.

More than just that!

Bathtub reglazing, also called bathtub refinishing, can be used to renew various surfaces such as fiberglass, Formica, ceramic tile, cultured marble, acrylic and other materials used in bathtubs, shower stalls, walls, countertops, vanities, sinks, etc.

Yes, we do bathroom and kitchen tile Reglazing.

We give them a fresh new look and can change its color, as per your preference. We repair and regrout if necessary.

Yes, we can.

Though the price of having the technician come over for a barely noticeable chip or a small color difference (as in most spot repairs) is something to consider. A perfect color match is costly and you might want to reglaze the whole fixture as a better choice.

Bathtub reglazing is not a “do-it-yourself" project. Many people have the idea that using a kit will avoid paying a professional and save some money. Unfortunately, almost all reglazing kits end with complete failure, the finish usually lasting less than a year. We understand the impulse to save some money, but many customers that call for our refinishing services often find out that a kit was attempted unsuccessfuly, and now customers must pay an additional fee to remove the glaze applied with the reglazing kit.

Over 2 decades of experience have shown us the right way. Our technicians use equipment and chemicals best suited and specially designed for reglazing purposes, these are chemicals that you cannot buy in any generic store and are not accessible to all. Imagine if a bathtub reglazing kit, which usually costs around $50.00, compared to the hundreds of dollars that our chemicals cost. Without adding the thousands of dollars that our equipment costs, if we were able to use DIY kits and get effective results the cost of our materials would be lowered by at least 75%.

As a result, no reglazing kit will be able to match the life span that our professional reglazing services provide. Our services have a 5-year limited warranty on top of the guarantee.

Damage to a bathtub and other surfaces can be repaired to a point that when refinishing is done you will not be able to tell there was prior damage.

We evaluate the severity of the damage to give you all the information to make an informed decision. Call us at (323) 686-4177 or Contact Us to get your Free Estimate.

If we take the job, we can assure you that our repair and reglazing will give you a brand-new looking fixture.

Yes! We will give you a better-than-new shine.

The finishing material is different from the original with each having its qualities, but we will produce a very nice-looking, durable, new, clean, and shiny tub reglazing.


We are reglazing professionals with the equipment and materials to do a thorough cleaning.

Your bathtub could have stains, loss of shine, exposed grain or porosity of the underlayment coat, rust stains, water or chemical erosion, or other permanent blemishes. The best thing to do is have Top Refinishing deep clean your tub, followed by proper preparation and reglazing.

This, most likely, requires an educated evaluation. In most cases, when a surface is damaged, polishing is not well taken by most materials and is not as good or economical as an alternative because it is a labor-intensive solution that could cost as much as reglazing or more, especially if it needs to be repeated frequently.

Due to the multitude of steps and sub-products needed for the replacement of a bathtub set, reglazing it is more cost-effective because there is no demolition, carpentry, tile, and plumbing work involved.

Liners do not fit snuggly and are not permanently watertight in all areas, especially around the borders. Water can easily be trapped between the liner and the tub creating a source of stagnant water, foul odors coming from mold, bacteria, and even gnats and drain flies.

The materials and tools available to a non-professional individual are not of the same quality and durability as those of Top Refinishing. The do-it-yourself renovator has dripping, brush marks, peeling, rough and uneven finish, etc., as the eventual results. It may look okay for a while but you will almost certainly need to remove that finish and have it professionally reglazed later. It is the most cost-effective (and time-effective for you) to have Top Refinishing do it from the start.

When we encounter this, we have to remove the old reglaze to obtain the best bond between the new material and the fixture. This makes our 5-year guarantee a worthwhile investment.

There is no “liquid” porcelain. That is just a trading name for a type of hard enamel similar to car paint.

Real porcelain is a kind of white or colored glass produced at high temperatures in an industrial oven. It is baked onto the fixture. So no, what we use is a mixture of synthetic material and a catalyzer that after being applied on the fixture hardens to a beautiful finish.

We use a laboratory tested and designed urethane product that withstands the rigor of daily usage in a shower or a bathtub including temperature changes. It expands and contracts with the underlying material.

Our professional materials give the surface a smooth and glossy appearance which looks new.

Besides the common or popular ones, we can provide an almost infinite variety of solid colors and hues. There are three main finishes: gloss, matte, granite or speckle refinishing.

We reglaze any material that the fixtures in bathrooms and kitchen areas are made of. We can explain the procedure and cost to you upon inspection. The usual materials are fiberglass, porcelain on cast iron, pressed steel with mineral glaze, cultured marble, acrylic, and Formica. All of these materials are described in the Reglazing section.

This will depend on the care given to the surface. If proper care is provided by simply wiping the surface with a dry towel after each shower or bath, occasionally removing soap and body oil build-up with a mild liquid cleaner, and not using harsh chemicals, you can expect the duration of the 5-year warranty to be easily exceeded.

Not due to material failure or our workmanship within the warranty period of 5 years. If proper care is followed you may not need reglazing again for 10 to 15 years.

The average time would be 4-5 hours. The time is longer if repairs are needed.

Your newly refinished bathtub or tile is ready to use in 48 hours— the standard recommendation.

If requested, and for an additional charge, we could have your fixture ready to use in 24 hours.

The reglazed surface is usually less slippery than the originally manufactured surface, but for the elderly or as a safety measure, we can provide a special anti-slip surface for an additional fee.

At Top Refinishing we not only stand by our name in every aspect, but we are also preferred over some of our competitors, even at times called to fix their inferior results.

There are strong odors during the work process that get vented to the outdoors using an industrial fan and duct system. Some lingering odors during the curing process fade away fast and can be controlled by simply opening windows and keeping doors closed.

There are many shower door designs and particular situations in each house or apartment. If you are not replacing the doors and they can be easily removed from their frame, we will take them off and then re-install them when our work is done. If they are difficult to remove we will tape and cover them as needed to avoid overspray.

Proper care is given by simply wiping the surface with a towel after each shower or bath, occasionally removing soap and body oil build-up using a mild liquid cleaner, and not using harsh chemicals. You can expect the 5-year warranty to be easily and even greatly exceeded by following the care and maintenance instructions we provide.

If after we finish our work you have a minor incident, such as a pet or child doing something harmful to the reglazed surface, then for a minimal charge we can take care of the accidental damage.

Monitors may display colors differently due to varying factors such as resolution and calibration, among others.

We try our best to portray colors in real life and the photos presented on this page show images taken in an uncontrolled setting (at the place where the work was performed) and may not have the proper illumination or other desired conditions - under these circumstances and knowing how monitors display colors, bear in mind these colors may differ.

Our solid mixed Colors, Whites, and Speckle Finishes always have a variation from the samples shown on this page due to lighting conditions, sheen, and substrates.

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