A combination of materials, equipment, and craftsmanship.

The Reglazing System

The Best Reglazing Materials

The materials we use are the best in the reglazing industry. They have been laboratory tested by the manufacturer and guaranteed by them to endure use and care under normal circumstances.

The technical name is “acrylic aliphatic poly-glass urethane.” This material was developed specifically for the reglazing, refinishing industry; it is very high-quality synthetic porcelain made from high-tech enamel, which is sprayed on with a high-volume / low-pressure sprayer. The new coating hardens within hours to a very firm, highly resilient, long-lasting surface that can withstand the splash and spillage of a wide variety of chemicals.

Data about the material used to reglaze:

  • It is UV (ultra-violet light) stable so it will not yellow as epoxy does during its service life in most circumstances.
  • It provides a hard, mar-resistant film.
  • Has superior gloss coating and color retention, even after extended use and exposure to harsh elements.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Stain-resistant.
  • Will withstand high temperature.
  • It is resistant to acids and alkalines.
  • It comes in a wide variety of colors.
  • It contains no Free Isocyanates which are carcinogenic.
  • Lower Volatile Organic Compounds than other products (less pollution).

Do you think the guy working from his apartment can get the right materials? We are a real brick-and-mortar company with a 4000 square ft. facility. This allows for ordering and storage of the proper chemicals for superior results.

The Best Refinishing Equipment

Our glaze is applied with HVLP (High Volume / Low Pressure) spray equipment. It is one of the most recommended technologies available which is both Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Government approved. It delivers a high-quality finish and does not create unnecessary air pollution.

We set up a ventilation system before spraying to prevent odors and overspray. We use an industrial blower to safely remove the fumes from your house or apartment or business. This mobile Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Unit has a fan, flexible ducting, and a hood near the tub that expels the vapors to the outdoors and ensures a clean flow of air into the work area.

The Reglazing Craftmanship

All of our reglazing technicians have gone through a rigorous in-house training program. To achieve the standard quality of our company, they must meticulously follow our Reglazing Process to the letter.

We are one of the few companies who leave the area clean and ready to be used as soon as the surface dries.

We do this by:

  • Removing all the paper and masking tape used to protect the adjacent areas, except, of course, those on the showerhead or on the faucet to prevent drips on the new refinish.
  • Re-installing shower doors if we removed them to do the reglazing.
  • Providing you with Reglazing Care Instructions on how to properly care and maintain the newly refinished bathtub, sink, tile, etc.
  • Your Tenants can read the instruction and know-how to take proper care of the reglazed surface so the new look will last for many years.

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